Commodores Shine for the Holidays !!!

Paul Swanson's picture

There is a JOY in watching and hearing SINGERS that perform for the LOVE of Singing and just working with others...Good Orchestras do the same thing to me....I'm not talking about "Pros" that perform for money....that's totally another Standard...I'm thinking about how much can be accomplished with strong leadership and community cooperation....Everyone on the Stage becomes a "Star" and each person melts into one Big Wonderful Thing. It brings something very special to the AUDIENCE , who can feel the energy, and it goes right back to the PERFORMERS....Its MORE than FUN...The work of it takes seemingly endless hours of preparation, rehearsal, and organization. But the end result is a satisfaction that each performer feels from the sharing & caring....its great "stuff".... Its so evident in all aspects of what was presented yesterday. Again, thank you for a delightful afternoon.

Jack Gillespie  (Trumpet Player & Arranger)

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