COVID-19 Update:  To help with the current rate of COVID-19 infections, the Commodores will be requiring that all members and guests must be masked at all times during our rehearsals at Mayflower church.  This mask mandate will stay in affect until the current infection rate is at a level that will allow mask-free rehearsals.  Stay safe and healthy and keep singing!


Enjoy back issues of our AWARD WINNING publication:



PDF icon Vol 77 No.5 Sep 2021.pdf1.38 MB
PDF icon Vol 77 No.4 July 2021.pdf851.83 KB
PDF icon Vol 77 No.3 May 2021.pdf595.01 KB
PDF icon Vol 77 No.2 Mar 2021.pdf797.32 KB
PDF icon Vol 77 No.1 Jan 2021.pdf957.82 KB
PDF icon Vol 76 No.5 Oct 2020.pdf740.3 KB
PDF icon Vol 76 No.4 Aug 2020.pdf1.02 MB
PDF icon Vol 76 No.3 Jun 2020.pdf860.66 KB
PDF icon Vol 76 No.2 April 2020.pdf958.24 KB
PDF icon Vol 76 No.1 Feb 2020.pdf1 MB
PDF icon Vol 75 No.6 Dec 2019.pdf864.29 KB
PDF icon Vol 75 No.5 Oct 2019.pdf776.94 KB
PDF icon Vol 75 No.4 Aug 2019.pdf848.08 KB
PDF icon Vol 75 No.3 Jun 2019.pdf1.04 MB
PDF icon Vol 75 No.2 Apr 2019.pdf1.19 MB
PDF icon Vol 75 No.1 Feb 2019.pdf792.97 KB
PDF icon Vol 74 No.9 Dec 2018.pdf1.86 MB
PDF icon Vol 74 No.7 July 2018.pdf752.66 KB
PDF icon Vol 74 No.6 June 2018.pdf4.56 MB
PDF icon Vol 74 No.5 May 2018.pdf2.31 MB
PDF icon Vol 74 No.4 April 2018.pdf1.61 MB
PDF icon Vol 74 No.3 March 2018.pdf2.16 MB
PDF icon Vol 74 No.2 February 2018.pdf2.08 MB
PDF icon Vol 74 No.1 January 2018.pdf1.6 MB
PDF icon Vol 73 No.10 December 2017.pdf2.13 MB
PDF icon Vol 73 No.9 November 2017.pdf1.97 MB
PDF icon Vol 73 No.8 SepOct 2017.pdf2.31 MB
PDF icon Vol 73 No.7 August 2017.pdf1.45 MB
PDF icon Vol 73 No.6 July 2017.pdf1.66 MB
PDF icon Vol 73 No.5 June 2017.pdf1.62 MB
PDF icon Vol 73 No.4 April 2017.pdf1.53 MB
PDF icon Vol 73 No.3 March 2017.pdf1.36 MB
PDF icon Vol 73 No.2 February 2017.pdf6.53 MB
PDF icon Vol 73 No.1 January 2017.pdf2.74 MB
PDF icon Vol 72 No.12 December 2016.pdf4.6 MB
PDF icon Vol.72 No.11 November 2016.pdf2.39 MB
PDF icon Vol.72 No.10 October 2016.pdf713.38 KB
PDF icon Vol.72 No.9 September 2016.pdf4.35 MB
PDF icon Vol.72 No.8 August2016.pdf4.28 MB
PDF icon Vol.72 No.7 July2016.pdf3.39 MB
PDF icon Vol.72 No.6 June2016.pdf5.68 MB
PDF icon Vol.72 No.5 May2016.pdf4.52 MB
PDF icon Vol.72 No.4 April2016.pdf1.1 MB
PDF icon Vol.72 No.3 March2016.pdf1.41 MB
PDF icon Vol.72 No.2 February2016.pdf4.92 MB
PDF icon Vol.72 No.1 January2016.pdf3.26 MB
PDF icon Vol.71 No.11 December2015.pdf9.64 MB
PDF icon Vol.71 No.10 November2015.pdf3.97 MB
PDF icon Vol.71 No.9 October2015.pdf3.47 MB
PDF icon Vol.71 No.8 September2015.pdf3.46 MB
PDF icon Vol.71 No.7 July-August2015.pdf5.66 MB
PDF icon Vol.71 No.6 June2015.pdf1.48 MB
PDF icon Vol.71 No.5 May2015.pdf1.33 MB
PDF icon Vol.71 No.4 April2015.pdf2.54 MB
PDF icon Vol.71 No.3 March2015.pdf18.27 MB
PDF icon Vol.71 No.2 February2015.pdf8.38 MB
PDF icon Vol.71 No.1 January2015.pdf5.2 MB
PDF icon Vol.70 No.11 December2014.pdf20.99 MB
PDF icon Vol.70 No.10 November2014.pdf18.89 MB
PDF icon Vol.70 No.9 October2014.pdf1.64 MB
PDF icon Vol.70 No.8 September2014.pdf3.14 MB
PDF icon Vol.70 No.7 August2014.pdf2.45 MB
PDF icon Vol.70 No.6 July2014.pdf1.33 MB
PDF icon Vol.70 No.5 June2014.pdf2.9 MB
PDF icon Vol.70 No.4 May2014.pdf1.38 MB
PDF icon Vol.70 No.3 April2014.pdf3.04 MB
PDF icon Vol.70 No.2 March2014.pdf2.99 MB
PDF icon Vol.70 No.1 JanFeb2014.pdf1.85 MB
PDF icon Vol.69 No.11 December2013.pdf7.73 MB
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